Add-A-Collar™ crate system

Turn pallets into crates with the Add-A-Collar™ adjustable crate system.

Add-A-Collar™ Construct custom wooden crates

Flexible Moving and Storage

When it comes to flexible moving or storing solutions, our Add-A-Collar™ crate system will construct sturdy customised wooden crates to the size and configuration required. By using a normal pallet and adding multiple levels of collars, the pallet can be turned into a crate of almost any height - strong enough for transporting and accessible enough for storage.

Add-A-Collar™ can build a crate to suit requirements and so avoid paying shipping costs for a partly empty crate. It’s more compact for easier loading and also folds down for convenient storage or return freighting. Lids and dividers can be added as required to suit the goods carried and the method of transportation.

Silverwater Box distributes Add-A-Collar™

We can construct and supply crates – pack crates at our Erskine Park centre or our client’s premises or supply kits for those wishing to build their own.

Construct custom wooden crates