How a Cardboard Engineer
changed our Business Model

by Tony Yetton

Packaging Tips for busy Purchasing Officers

Mike Blanchette is a knowledgeable specialist in cardboard packaging and began working for Silverwater Box back in 2003. He brought with him a wealth of experience which allowed us to add corrugated cardboard to our network of packaging services.

Mike works with our customers to determine the strength required for the corrugated cardboard container being planned. Then, when we receive the order for containers, he operates as a ‘Cardboard Engineer’ and specifies a cardboard package to exactly match the customer's requirement. This means that we can create innovative containers that require colour printing and complex die-cutting.

Thanks to Mike, the cardboard packaging options gave Silverwater Box a distinct advantage in the marketplace with a much wider spectrum of packaging option on offer to our clients.

Mike’s story is an interesting one in its own right:

"About 40 years ago I entered the industry in Auckland, New Zealand," he said. Starting on the factory floor he worked his way up to be Assistant Sales Manager. "I moved to Australia in 1980 and was back in the industry by the following year."

In 1987 he was appointed sales manager of a large national packaging manufacturer. "Then, in 1990, I purchased a small independent manufacturing company, built it up & sold it in 1995."

Over the next 7 or 8 years Mike developed his business skills and became a Packaging Broker, offering his services, skills and experience to a wide range of clients.

Mike said:

"Eventually I decided to retire. Then this opportunity presented itself at Silverwater Box. It really suited me at the time, being part time, utilising my knowledge of the industry and ‘keeping my hand in’ at the same time".

Due to Mike’s packaging history, he brought with him his many contacts from whom to get the best deal, and also the knowledge to challenge prices and options if he feels that the negotiation could be better for our Clients.

Mike added:

"Whilst we will never be any threat to the major suppliers of cardboard products, we are able to offer a competitive range of cardboard options to our clients that were otherwise beyond their reach."

Sometimes it is not the quantity that is important; it is often more about practicality, suitability and convenience.

Joe Baliva said that the cardboard products added another vital option to the Silverwater Box "basket of products", making us a truly "One Stop Shop" for packaging solutions.

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