How to add
sustainable choices
to your packaging purchases

by Tony Yetton

Cardboard Packaging enters our Network

At Silverwater Box, we are aware of environmental concerns. We consistently aim to reduce packaging litter and increase the percentage of recyclable materials by the use of sustainable, economical cardboard packaging.

In some instances it has proven both successful and cost effective to replace a timber box with sustainably sourced cardboard, especially where weight is a critical factor.

About 12 years ago Silverwater Box Managing Director Joe Baliva identified a niche market in his packaging business. Back in 2003 he saw a need for some of our clients to be able to source short-run, recyclable cardboard products.

The major problem for clients was being able to source the right quantity of product at the right price to be viable. They came to Silverwater Box Company looking for a solution.

Ironically, it was about this time that Joe’s brother Sam was developing a large corrugated cardboard fruit & produce bin for one of their clients. Mike Blanchette was Sam’s cardboard specialist. At the time Mike was a packaging broker sourcing the best deal from various suppliers for his customers.

Mike said:

"Around this time two things happened, I was about to retire as a full time broker, and Silverwater Box were contemplating using recyclable cardboard instead of timber for some of their crates, where suitable, and getting involved in the cardboard carton industry. I was invited to join Silverwater Box to manage the Cardboard Products Division."

Now, some 15 years later, Mike is still involved, providing informed, expert information for our clients. He assists us to add sustainably sourced, recycled cardboard packaging to our growing network of services, enabling us to offer our clients a seamless product range.

Part of Mike’s expertise is matching clients’ needs with manufacturers’ capacity.

"Basically, the way it works” said Mike, “is that some producers specialise in short runs, some medium and some in long, large runs. Some producers have the capacity to incorporate printing and some don’t. Some produce small boxes and others make medium or large boxes. It is simply a case of finding the right manufacturer to fit the client’s needs, although it is not as easy as it sounds."

Managing Director Joe Baliva went on to say:

"Networking has become an integral part of what we do at Silverwater Box Company. No single entity can be all things to all clients. We successfully bridge the gaps by developing strong Business Network Partners, which in turn enables us to provide an unmatched, one stop service to our clients.

The cost savings in many cases are substantial and always convenient, and our network-partners enjoy the benefits of an indirect but substantial client base. It is a real collaboration situation and everyone benefits"

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