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by Tony Yetton

Silverwater Box releases the sturdy ‘Trolley Dolly’ – setting a new benchmark in Furniture Trollies

After several months of research, Silverwater Box has developed a superior furniture removalist’s trolley. The research highlighted some common failing points in the current design of various trolleys:

Metal trolleys tended to fail by bending in the middle when loaded up.

- The ‘wooden frame’ style trolley falls short in practicality as there is the unavoidable ‘hole in the middle’, limiting its us.
- The flat rubberised top trolley is the most practical, but is often inferior in quality, damages easily and the wheels struggle under load and tend to fail in the “wheel bridge”, rendering the trolley unusable.

Silverwater Box has addressed these issues and has developed the ‘Trolley Dolly’ incorporating the following sound design features:

- The tabletop is 18mm plywood, which will provide a strong, flexible platform top
- The platform is covered with a 3mm, fluted rubber matting providing a reduced slip surface
- The platform is profiled to reduce any splintering from the edges
- The handhold is also profiled for comfortable, safe handling
- The ‘Trolley Dolly’ has 4 heavy duty roller bearing wheels that are each rated above 200kg
- The ‘Trolley Dolly’ will carry loads well in excess of 300kg
- In spite of its strength and versatility, it weighs less than 9.5kg
- The ‘Trolley Dolly’ can be branded with your company name to minimise loss from theft

Silverwater Box sees this product as the new benchmark in Furniture Trollies. The product fits well with the company ethos of producing superior products for their customers and leading the way in research and development.

Managing Director Mr Joe Baliva believes that this product is another example of Silverwater Box maintaining its push into diversification...

“It adds another service for our customers and clearly demonstrates that we, as a modern, industry-leading business, are not sitting on our laurels or standing still. We are always looking for ways to improve our business and this is another example of us doing just that.”

For more information on the “Trolley Dolly” and other Silverwater Box products and services browse the Products area of our website.

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