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Wooden Boxes and Sleds for Antarctica expedition

The Antarctic challenge: Wooden Boxes for terrains, temperatures and transportation

Every year since 2008 the Antarctic astronomy group at the University of NSW has been using Silverwater Box containers to ship a tonne or two of equipment to and from Antarctica . . .

Marsden High robot and wooden box

How a customised wooden box transported a robot

Transporting their robot safely and on-time to Hawaii was a high priority for Marsden High School and Silverwater Box stepped in and donated a purpose-built wooden box to support their Robotics program . . .

wooden boxes for Antarctic expedition

3 Examples of Customised Packaging that will surprise you

One of the more satisfying aspects of what we do at Silverwater Box is the amount of repeat business we generate . . .

wooden crates construction

How Timber Crates fabricated on-site created huge benefits

We often advise clients to consider our on-site timber crate construction. It can frequently provide a faster, and very accurate solution to your customised packaging requirements . . .

wooden crates suppliers

Why 2 months became 3 weeks for a packaging supplier

Silverwater Box is a Sydney packaging company that takes your deadlines seriously. Our professional team has a valued reputation for consistent, on-time delivery . . .

professional packaging specialists

How we stay ahead of the game in packaging

No packaging project is too large, too small or too complex for our professional team. We tailor packaging to protect your goods across the city, or the world . . .

furniture removalist's trolley dolly

A practical resource for Furniture Removalists

After several months of research, Silverwater Box has developed a superior furniture removalist’s trolley - setting a new benchmark in Furniture Trollies . . .

Prof Michael Heimlich

Silverwater Box helps University Students win Award

Silverwater Box has helped students at Macquarie University win a Divisional Award in a Robotics contest in the USA with a shipping box that was custom made . . .

cardboard packaging specialists

How a Cardboard Engineer changed our Business Model

Cardboard packaging options give Silverwater Box a distinct advantage in the marketplace with a much wider spectrum of packaging option on offer to our clients . . .

corrugated cardboard packaging

What No One tells you about Cardboard

Not all timber packaging companies also offer you corrugated cardboard packaging. Silverwater Box is your One-Stop-Shop for a world of packaging solutions . . .

cardboard packaging suppliers in Sydney

How to add sustainable choices to your packaging purchases

When it comes to choosing a cardboard packaging supplier, we offer you a One-Stop-Shop. All sized projects and variety of materials . . .

timber cases with compliance export standard

Facts about timber packaging for export

All timber packaging for export must be ISPM 15 compliant. Silverwater Box can advise you on just how to safely package your company’s exports . . .

timber boxes and crates

Silverwater Box – More than just boxes and crates

Silverwater Box is recognised as the leader when it comes to their vast range of industrial and commercial packaging solutions . . .