The custom-built Trolley Dolly

Heavy-duty construction for weighty loads.

custom-built trolley dolly

Built for for extra strength and durability

Our Panel Division found that many similar trolley products did not perform well in the long term and so we have developed the 70 x 50cm ‘Trolley Dolly’ for extra strength and durability. With each wheel rated at 250kg and a sturdy 7 Ply x 18mm plywood baseplate, it’s made for hard work and can carry loads in excess of 300kg.

Many industries, such as removalists and manufacturers, will find this piece of equipment invaluable for moving heavy loads across flat surfaces.

Loads can be lifted on by hand, or in the case of larger items, it may be loaded by jacking up the load and running the ‘Trolley Dolly’ under the load. In many cases this would require 2 ‘Trolley Dollies’ or more, depending on the physical size of the load.

The standard size is 70cm x 50cm, but being custom-built it can also be made to order. You can have the ‘Trolley Dolly’ tailored to a specific size according to your load requirements.

There’s also custom colours and custom branding. We can paint or clear lacquer the back and also brand it for ID purposes. Customising comes with an extra charge.

Trolley Dolly Specifications:

- Size: 70cm x 50cm
- Height: 15cm
- Weight: 9.4 kg
- Wheels: 10cm Ø Heavy Duty Rubber with Roller Bearings and Rated at: +200 kg each
- 3mm Fluted Rubber capping
- 18mm Plywood Top 13cm Hand Hold

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